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Innovative Android Apps with avant-garde design and technology

Concept to Post Delivery

From gathering requirments by all stake holders and seeing through the development and testing phases till releasing the app to the playstore. It doesn't end here. We take care of reviews and bug fixes for upto two months.

Maintanence and Support

Full fledged support during the initial Alpha, Beta and RC phases of release. Support for customers over e-mails for all basic and advanced app related queries.

SEO and Web Development

We help in driving business through Google search results. We have a powerful team of social , digital and online marketing executives.

Speed Dialer App will be released by Nov, 31st 2013


Our work history

Anti-Theft Alarm
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Anti-Theft Alarm
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Speed Dialer
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Speed Dialer
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About Us

We are a young team with immense passion towards mobile app development and have more than enough experience to bring an app to life in Android. With inputs from your end about the core functionality of the app, rest you can leave it to us to deliver an App that would satisfy all your technical cravings. We believe and have a can do attitude at our work place and the team works together at all time to build the app with minimum need for any design or concept erorrs in future.

Superb app.. I always had the fear of my brothers using my phone, when I keep it for charging or when I sleep. Now its protected by this app
Wonderful. Alarm starts from the phone in the case the charger cord is disconnected. I'm using it while camping.
Really good to keep kids and people away from my phone & to know where it is
Best of the best. It's great. I can leave the phone where I am and with people around. If the cell phone charger is disconnected then loud sound is heard, I can catch the thief right away
Very good!!! nobody picks up my phone without me knowing
Legit, seems to work well, when someone picks up the phone without permission by means of an alarm
Very good. It avoids any plan to use your phone without explicit consent
Excellent... No more wondering where my phone is.
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